03 Juni, 2012

"I'm a Part-time Daydreamer, and Part-time Designer."

Wie wunderbar: Jeden Tag eine großartige Graphik: Nineteen Eighty-Four: a year when George Orwell's Big Brother ruled Oceania, when Steve Jobs introduced the world to the Macintosh Computer, and when Jag Nagra was introduced to the world.

Since graduating from the Art Institute of Vancouver in the Spring of 2006, her skills in Design, Illustration, and Photography have been steadily improving, and her creative passions remain unrelenting. Always crafting new creative pursuits, Jag can often be found scribing ideas into the pages of her sketchbooks,
designing and hosting tea parties and documenting her worldly travels
. When asked what she does for a living, her answer is simple "I'm a Part-time Daydreamer, and Part-time Designer."”

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