12 November, 2012

Thanks Scott Berkun .... what a nice email I got

This was in  my email account today:
Dear nice person who clicked on this message:

We here at scottberkun.com know how often your email reading goes unthanked. This makes us sad. We know you had many messages you could have chosen to click on and we're honored you chose us. Unlike the other messages in your inbox, pushy and selfish, we wanted to make sure we thanked you for your well developed sense of taste for which email to read next. We even used our telepathic powers to check the other messages for you just to see if there was anything more important, and we would have put them ahead of us in your reading order if that was the case (it wasn't even close).

That's how much we care about you. We know it's not easy to read all the email you do, but by golly you do it every day, and we're proud to be a part of it. Bravo. Tally Ho. Geronimo!

1. RELAUNCH of scottberkun.com
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3. Video of the month
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The new design is live. Gone is the clutter and cruft, and in its place is glorious whitespace and easy reading, with countless little touches to make every visit as simple and pleasurable as possible.


2.Best of the Month

It was one of the best months of traffic ever at scottberkun.com. These posts led the way in views, comments and attention.

How to be good at anything

Should you always trust your gut?

Can Self Awareness be Taught?

Are design exercises in interviews unethical?

History of religion: explained

3. Video of the month - Feedback with frustration

If you work with ideas, half the story is how you incorporate or respond to critique from your co-workers. In this short talk I explain the common mistakes people make, and the time tested approaches for avoiding them to get the feedback you need, and the results you want.


4. Become a fan

Join the street team / Fan club

If you're a fan, or a friend, and would be willing to post a
thing or two to Facebook or Twitter now and then to help spread
word of my work, please join.


There are special prizes and thank yous for folks who help out.

5. Please spread the word

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If you hate something I wrote, forward to your enemies.

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